Astrid The Psychic Witch

Hello, my name is Astrid and I'm a professional Tarot Reader, Published author and Translator of esoteric books. I have over a decade of experience in esoteric teachings and my mission is to help, guide and empower others on their journey, so they can reach their highest potential.

For me, the idea of being a witch is not just about candles and spells, but about living in between the visible and invisible world, and using my abilities to help the community, just like people used to understand the position of a shaman or a priest back in the old days. Don't you think it's a shame that we don't have such a person in the heart of every community anymore? Well, my tribe is made of people from all over the world, who felt drawn to me, which is why I mainly offer online readings that are available to anyone and anywhere. 🙂

I offer a variety of services that are backed by real reviews, as well as my YouTube channel, where I share my experience, ideas, and Tarot deck reviews.

Spiritual Alchemy Podcast

An archive of a spiritual podcast that I hosted for many years, with over 65 shows on various, spiritual topics ranging from Meditation and Spiritual Development to Love Spells and Witchcraft that aired on Para-X Radio. I've been lucky to do many wonderful interviews with famous guests and spiritual authors on topics related to their practices and ideas about magic and esoteric matters.

Magick & Witchcraft Academy Esoteric Online Courses

Magick & Witchcraft Academy is an Online school with a selection of popular esoteric online courses enrolling students since 2015.

Magick & Witchcraft Academy  has a simple, yet ambitious, goal: To bring practical and non-biased occult and esoteric tools to everyone who feels called to this astonishing path. We believe that everyone has the potential to master their own reality and discover their own hidden power within.

Psychic Witch YouTube Channel

A regularly updated and lively YouTube channel filled with Tarot readings, ideas about spiritual development, and collaborations with fellow authors and YouTubers who have the intention to inspire, yet without any unnecessary, esoteric bias .

Dante and the Flower of Life Game

Dante and the Flower of Life is a massive labor of love. I'm not a professional game designer. I'm a tarot card reader, actually : ) This is the very first game that I've ever done and I used RPG Maker MV to turn my visions into reality.

I just had a story in my head along with dialogs, music, and beautiful scenes, so this game is more of an adventure game or a visual novel than a classic RPG. There are some battles but it's not the main focus of the game. The main focus is the story.

Your role is that of an Immortal, named Dante, whose been living peacefully in the Heavenly Realm, for centuries, when suddenly, the Flower of Life, the artifact that is safe guarding the full existence of the Human Realm, disappears...

The game is available for Windows and Linux as a free download on itch.io.

Brands I worked for

A collection of some of my lovely clients whom I've been quite lucky to work for as a Tarot reader and psychic.