Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are an ancient and very powerful tool for helping us uncover the invisible aspects of our life. If used correctly, they can become a map to show us the paths in front of us and to help us choose the right path.

My readings are not a simple fortune telling for predicting a bright future. And even though my readings have a predictive element to them, their main focus is on clarity and empowerment in order to help you make your own decisions and determine your own bright future for yourself.

The future is not fixed but Tarot readings can help provide you with the best advice, clarity, and direction that you can take when achieving your goals.

My readings are for those who wish to take their life into their own hands, which I use both Tarot cards and my own intuition for when reading every situation, and in finding previously hidden connections to help you find the right paths to take.

Dream Analysis

Dream analysis is one of my favorite readings to do, because of the depth of how far it goes into our psyche, by letting us touch the universal, divine spark that uses our dreams as a means of communicating to us.

My dream analysis goes way beyond the simple "I had a dream about this person, does it mean that they're thinking about me?", as it's a powerful tool for self-knowledge, which uses universal and individual symbolism for showing you how you actually feel about your own situation.

Dream analysis is here to help you understand what it is that You are trying to tell yourself.

This reading is carried out more in the form of a dialog where far more questions are involved in which you and I will look at the symbols in your dreams as clues for finding their true meaning in order to decode the hidden messages behind them.

Astrology Readings

In my online Astrology Reading Sessions, I use a combination between astrology and psychic intuition to dive into the elements that can influence you throughout your life.

We are all unique individuals with different skills and gifts.

We can uncover your hidden talents, together, while finding out why you might find yourself in repeating patterns, over and over again, along with revealing the kind of partners you will be naturally attracted to and what type of partner would be best suited for you.

It can also be quite useful for understanding your strong and weak points, so you can overcome any obstacles and take the best direction that will perfectly align you with who you are.

Spiritual Coaching sessions

Spiritual Coaching Sessions are here to give you the tools for achieving your goals in a successful, positive, and balanced way.

In these sessions, I use a combination between Tarot, astrology, and psychic insights to help bring you to your goal - which can be "finding your direction in life" or something more specific, such as "starting your own business." These sessions are always 100% custom-made and tailored specifically to your own personal needs.

Coaching is always conducted in 3 monthly sessions in order to help keep track of your progress and is followed with homework to help stay focused in between sessions.

All sessions focus on:

  • Self-care and self-love
  • Work, life, and spiritual balance
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Overcoming whatever may be holding you back &
  • Keeping you on track