Modern Digital Witch Hunts

Sadly, we are all noticing that censorship and sabotage of spiritual services throughout all internet platforms is increasing in numbers. It started back in a day with YouTube changing their algorithms to basically destroy all small creators it considered to be High Risk, Etsy banned tarot readers and spiritual services from their website, Skillshare deleted all spirituality related content from their platform without previous warnings, leaving people without income overnight and some payment gateways started to list spiritual services as no-no business for their platforms.

You-tubers nowadays are using code-words in their videos when talking about certain topics in the fear of being demonetized… How we got to this point? How things got this far without us noticing? As someone who is coming from post-communistic country I think I do have the answer…

Many people think cutting of the freedom of speech is something that is done overnight and they would surely notice it and surely, the crowd would protest and it would be stopped. That is not true, it never happened that way. Restriction of freedom of speech is death by thousands wounds, that is happening slowly, bit by bit. Today it is witches and ASMR channels, tomorrow it will be reiki healers, angel card readers…then general public. No one is safe because there is no solid consensus on what is safe and what is not.

Witches nowdays are not burnt on stakes, instead they have their YouTube Channels prosecuted, payment gates accounts closed, being banned from platforms without any warnings or ways how to object. They are making decisions about pulling rug and stability under your feet again and again and again, until one day you will stop fighting and simply conform, because you don’t have any more energy to fight and there is no one who will help. It is a sad and lonely place.

For me witchcraft was always about freedom, about learning how to take your life in your own hands. I always wanted to help people to find their own strength. Instead I am forced to watch entertainment industry making money with movies and series about witches while the same industries will wholeheartedly support financial prosecution of the actual witches, who just trying to make living. It is nauseating.

I am not sure what is the solution, I think for start… let’s start talking about it. Writitng articles about it and do podcasts about it. It may not produce immediate results… but with enough articles and podcast it will start to be the general consensus about the situation. Once that happens people will start to demand change on a mass scale and will be willing to accept new solutions and new paths. I know I can’t win this alone. But we are all on the same boat, and either will start cooperating and paddling or we will drown together…