Live 60 Minute Online Tarot Reading

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One live 60 minute Skype (or Zoom) video reading with Astrid AKA The Psychic Witch.

Live video readings are my favorite form of readings, as they offer the same experience as a physical session, but in the full comfort of your own home, as it also saves time and allows me to help people all over the world. 🙂 (If you choose to use the free program called Zoom for our sessions together, it will allow you to easily record our sessions and keep the recordings, so you can re-watch them later for future reference.)

What can my Tarot Readings do for you? 

My readings are not just a mere form of fortune telling. No “dark-haired strangers on the 5th of May.” Tarot is a powerful tool in order to give clarity and direction during confusing times. My aim is to always empower you, and to make you feel like you have the power to take your life into your own hands, right now, while offering in-depth and practical advice that you can start implementing today!

Instead of asking “when will I meet my soulmate?”, we ask “what steps can I take in meeting the right person?”

Every session is fully customized for you. We can talk about your love life, spiritual development, your career or whatever you need to know, right now. I use a range of tools in combination with Tarot cards, such as oracle decks, using the pendulum or astrology and, of course, my own psychic and intuitive insight.

How it works

  • If you are interested in scheduling an Tarot Reading with me, click ‘Add to Cart’ and when the pop-up window appears, click ‘Go to Checkout.’
  • You can choose to pay using either PayPal or a credit card.
  • At checkout, there will be a form for you to fill in with your name, email address, etc. At the top of this form, there is a field in which you can write a brief description about your situation and questions which you would like to have answered.
  • You will receive an email within 48 hours upon purchasing your Tarot Reading from my Shop. In your email, you will find simple guidelines for scheduling our Tarot Reading together at whatever time is the most suitable for you.
If you are a new customer and this is your first session – drop me a line through the contact form first with the description of your situation and to check my availability.  let me confirm with you first, that I can help you with your situation before purchasing.

4 reviews for Live 60 Minute Online Tarot Reading

  1. Cristina D.

    Dear all,

    My experience with Astrid on tarot sessions was very pleasant and constructive. Her readings demonstrated to be of high quality: everything that she mentioned both on short term and long term, happened.
    Her attitude is very pleasant, full of positive energy, friendly, non-judgmental. She is able to connect with you (in this case-me) and the situation immediately on a deep profound level. I’ve loved as well the fact that she could feel from the energy field personality traits of the person from the other side (meaning me) and other persons with whom I had different difficulties.
    In a few words, as a summary, excellent service!! I’ve experienced high class readings and for sure I will be back soon for the next one.

  2. Simon

    Astrid clearly knows what she’s doing. Her reading touched parts of my life I still had no clue about which connect to my personal development, she grasped very well what was important at that time in my life.
    One can see she is seriously spiritually development, unnecessary Blabla wasn’t part of the reading. High quality reading, pleasant atmosphere.

  3. Abie

    I have had a lot of readings from Astrid over a number of years. I am also psychic and she is my go to psychic, I wouldn’t see anyone else but her, she is the really deal, a very powerful. Astrid has an incredible ability to understand what is going on a physical mental emotional and energetic level. She can feel into things that are not obvious, explaining in detail the full birds eye perspective of everything that is going in your situation. Astrid can connect into anything or anyone with insane accuracy and always gives tools and practical suggestions after the reading to give you leverage. I always leave every reading with huge breakthroughs that continue to grow over time, and I feel so inspired and energised! Astrid is also incredibly kind, compassionate & caring, I always feel totally supported & safe with her; at the same time she brings humour & laughter. I trust Astrid & her psychic abilities implicitly. I know without a doubt she will give you everything you require to move forward in life with flow & liberation . I can not recommend her enough. Thank you so much Psychic Witch ✨🤩. Abie x

  4. Claire R.

    Astrid is so lovely. I had a 60 minute tarot and astrology reading with her, and came to her with a specific issue about work. Without me giving her any pre info she tuned into some really salient points about my character and how they were affecting my current situation. She wad able to give me specific advice on how to leverage my current situation in the most positive way. And She ended up reiterating information I’d been getting from other sources separately but also tuned into new information that has empowered me to make positive decisions since then. More than anything Astrid has such a lovely, positive, passionate energy that draws you in. She answered all the extra questions I had that came up using the cards to guide.
    Thanks so much again Astrid. Looking forward to my next reading with you.

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