How To Meditate : Going beyond basics

I have seen many videos about How To Meditate for beginners, that speak about the right posture, not pushing too hard and other tips how to make your meditation easier. However I am still being approached by many people who are still struggling…

So I have done this video to talk bit more about the effects and benefits of meditation to keep the motivation going and a few easy tips on how to overcome the usual meditation problems : this time for once and for all. 🙂

I would say one of the key points is the importance of developed will and self-discipline, these are complimentary disciplines to the meditation itself. Surprising yes, but true. Meditation is all about cutting through the clutter or the creative chaos and diving deeper to realm of the universal stillness. Discipline as a quality that we engage in through out our daily life, does the exact same things – just in our daily life. We cut away distractions and chaos and with discipline we focus on the essentials. That why it is so crucial, as it adds extra transformational power to the meditation.

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