Resources: The Voynich Manuscript online

Voynich, Voynich, Voynich… what to do with you, you headache inducing parchment. Are you actually of any value? 😀 Well no matter which side of the Voynich barricade you are on, the Voynich is now online for everybody to download, to zoom on and enjoy. 

I can recommend something I have done with it – and that was Meditation on unknown symbol I made as a practice to enhance clairvoyance – You pick a symbol –  from Voynich or anywhere else – that has a meaning known to someone (doesn’t have to be living person, in a way it’s better if no-one living knows what is it about to reinforce even stronger mark in the astral realms)

And you start to concentrate on it. Especially men will have the tendency to rationalize the symbol – “this could be this” , “this could be that”… forget about reason, just let the symbol trigger visions and embrace irrationality it will bring – if you will follow the flow of the visions you most likely will find something interesting at the end. 🙂 Every irrationality has rationality at the end of the tunnel and vice versa.

Here is the link:


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