New podcast episode: Occult training

As a part of spiritual path, in one way or another is a metaphysical training. After all, the goal is it transform oneself into divine being, that brings new set of patterns, mental maps and habits.

Resources: The Rosicrucian Digest

oh, maybe we should not have a favorites… but in this case, I must admit I do. 😀 On the website of AMORC you can find all sorts of interesting information, they are giving out freely available to those who are willing to listen. Out of all the gems available, I personally really love  –…

New podcast episode: How to use psychic powers

How to use or how to develop psychic powers is one of the most often asked questions I am getting. It seems like lot of people see psychic powers only as misleading and fake, or on the other side of the spectrum as a miraculous key to all knowledge. In this  episode I go through…

New podcast episode: Meditation

New episode of Spiritual Alchemy Show deals with very popular topic of meditation. This has been very wide spread spiritual practice among many modern esoteric groups. In this show we answer the most popular questions about meditation like : What is meditation? How to meditate? How to build discipline for meditation? What benefits meditation brings?…

Psychic Witch School: Full Moon Rituals and Sigil Magic

Full moon is very powerful time of the month that is great for various  magical operations. Can be very useful in spagyric, spell work or evocations. I made this video some time ago to give a few idea what can be practiced during this time explaining bit more about the dynamics of full moon and…

New podcast episode: LOVE SPELLS

This November special is all about love and love magic. What is love spell? How does it work? Does it even work? When you should NOT do a love spell? Love magic 101 with zest, sarcasm and Astrid. 😉

Resources: The Voynich Manuscript online

Voynich, Voynich, Voynich… what to do with you, you headache inducing parchment. Are you actually of any value? 😀 Well no matter which side of the Voynich barricade you are on, the Voynich is now online for everybody to download, to zoom on and enjoy.  I can recommend something I have done with it –…

How to balance your spiritual and working life

So recently one of my friends came to a decision to quite his job, get rid of his money and go on spiritual path .. I believe lots of people feel the same way : material world and spiritual world as been enemies and you can not go spiritual without getting rid of  material life….

“Tea and Tarot” ritual

I would like to talk/write about the importance of intuition developing rituals. This apply to both tarot readers and by tarot untouched individuals for whom are strongly recommend to get some appealing tarot deck even if it will be just for purposes described further on. As there is a day and night forming together a…

Music and Tarot : The Death Card

I love YouTube. I was looking for something completely different and came to this. What a brilliant idea : describing a tarot card with a music. Why oh why somebody haven’t got the idea before since it is sooo obvious.

Ritual Music Links – For every occasion

We live in great and very exciting times. Esoteric resources were never so available for those who seek. 🙂 I made a list of my favorite music videos from YouTube that can be used for various rituals at home, or just to listen during the long winter nights.

Why you should hug your inner demon.

We all got our very own shadow side. It is the same one that makes us show a good dose of violent behavior towards other drivers in traffic, eat your sister’s chocolate cake  (and blame dad for it afterwards) or simply trigger harming behavior that might cause pain to us or/and to others. But how…

Tarot Review: Golden Universal Tarot

The Golden Universal Tarot is a re-printing of the Universal Tarot by Roberto de Angelis, a redrawn and more dynamic version of the Rider-Waite. This edition has selected symbols and imagery decorated with gold foil on its 78 cards. (Lo Scarabeo website)