Ritual Music Links – For every occasion

We live in great and very exciting times. Esoteric resources were never so available for those who seek. 🙂 I made a list of my favorite music videos from YouTube that can be used for various rituals at home, or just to listen during the long winter nights.

Ancient Aztec and MayanMostly drumming with other sounds, great for journeying and meditations with visualizations.


MaokShort song, down tempo for short, calming and healing meditation


Beautiful Japaneses MusicBit longer, about an hour, great for longer meditations or just as calming background for other activities.


Stone Age ambiancehighly recommended for darker rituals, where strength is needed.



More Shaman music  ideal 45 minute length for shamanic journeying meditation – no drums but slow and really moving the consciousness into deeper realms

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