Resources: The Rosicrucian Digest

oh, maybe we should not have a favorites… but in this case, I must admit I do. 😀

On the website of AMORC you can find all sorts of interesting information, they are giving out freely available to those who are willing to listen. Out of all the gems available, I personally really love  – The Rosicrucian Digest. I must admit that unprocessed parts of myself found this name hysterical, on the other hand – it is really well done. Carefully researched, written in way that is easy to understand, without unnecessary bias and ..last but not least, beautifully done graphically. Knowledge,truth and beauty indeed.

As far as I understand they also accept submissions, if you dare. 😉

You can download it directly from their website for free as a PDF, or you can even find it in you kindle store.

If you don’t know which one to start with I would recommend “Hermetism” but they are all good and present hard to reach knowledge in understandable form. Also issue about Martinism is a great read as information on Martinists are usually not very public, especially not on the internet. (I don’t blame them lol)

I am personally printing out The Rosicrucian Digests available  and getting them bonded, once I will I will post some pictures of it on the Instagram. 😀 But it can take some time as book binder can’t keep up with my custom made “digests” of various books and articles I am compiling lol. (about that I will write later on)

So here are the links, folks :

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